Stewards: Called, Appointed and Responsible

2023 AMPJP Forum

Over two days in August, three Trustee Directors of Mercy Ministry Companions attended the 2023 AMPJP Forum, Stewards: Called, Appointed and Responsible, at the Treacy Centre in Melbourne. Attendees spent time in sessions for Ministerial PJPs which sponsor education and health and aged care ministries, discussing the current challenges facing our ministries.

Speakers at the Forum included Sr Patty Fawkner SGS; Dr Chris Jacobs-Vandegeer, Group Mission Leader, St Vincent’s Health Australia; Sherry Balcombe, Coordinator of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Melbourne; and Kerry Brettell, Integroe Partners and MCSAL Board Member.

Lawrie Hallinan was farewelled as the outgoing AMPJP Executive Officer and Martin Teulan welcomed as AMPJP Executive Director.

The gathering provided a valuable opportunity for the development of the MPJP sector.

Margaret Bounader, Chair of Mercy Ministry Companions at the AMPJP Forum
Sherry Balcombe, Coordinator of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Melbourne at the AMPJP Forum
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