Safeguarding Commitment Statement

As a ministry of the Catholic Church, Mercy Ministry Companions commits to upholding the inherent dignity and rights of all people.  It prioritises the Gospel imperative to protect and nurture those most at risk by creating and maintaining physical and virtual environments that are safe, supportive and nurturing for all people.  It commits to ensuring zero tolerance of abuse in all its forms. 

Safeguarding Policy Framework 

Safeguarding Contacts

The ministries supervised by Mercy Ministry Companions have approximately 14,000 staff and work with thousands of clients each year. 

Each ministry has established safeguarding reporting channels and your concerns should generally be reported directly to the relevant ministry.  However, Mercy Ministry Companions remains available to support you if you are having trouble accessing these reporting channels, if you feel you are not being heard, or if you feel the ministry is not following appropriate or published procedures.  

In such cases, please contact Mercy Ministry Companions as follows: 


Phone:  03 9448 1881 

Please note that these services are generally only monitored during business hours, and they are not emergency support services.  If you have immediate concerns for your safety, please call the police (000), ambulance (000) or Lifeline (13 11 14). 

Mercy Ministry Companions encourages direct reporting to the police if you feel a crime has occurred.