Our Logo

Our logo was developed by Brisbane designer Clare Locke and was a gift from the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea. 

Its symbolism is three-fold: the welcome place of Mercy Ministry Companions within the ever-maturing tradition of ‘Mercy service’ which Venerable Catherine McAuley began [1829] in the name of God’s mercy; the vibrant diversity of ministries entrusted by the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea to Mercy Ministry Companions; the hope that, through these ministries, and others yet to come, Mercy Ministry Companions will always be an authentic agent of God’s mercy.  

The theologically rich name ‘Mercy Ministry Companions’, and the emblematic design of this logo, together invite frequent contemplation on the compelling values at their heart. This is especially so for all who are committed to Mercy Ministry Companions and its ministries. Such contemplation must lead to actions and decisions which consistently strengthen the ministries in the way of Jesus and are truly faithful to Catherine’s founding inspiration. 


The centre of the logo is inspired by the Mercy Cross. It represents the relationship with Catherine McAuley and generations of Sisters of Mercy on whose shoulders Mercy Ministry Companions stands. In the spirit of Catherine, this image encourages an enlivening of the Mercy tradition through being open to new frontiers of Gospel service.  

The green spiral, reminiscent of a fern frond, represents the charism of God’s Mercy as received by Catherine and entrusted by her to those who choose to live and work within the ‘Mercy tradition’. The spiral is at the heart of the image, calling women and men to bring God’s mercy and love to all who are within their sphere of influence. As the spiral flows out from the centre beyond the boundaries of the cross, so too does it return again to the centre, inward to prayer and contemplation. The green in the spiral visually corresponds to the word ‘Companions’, associating this key word with the living, ever-expanding heart of Mercy. 

The dots represent the various ministries that are, and will be, central to Mercy Ministry Companions, showing the face of God’s mercy to those whom they serve. The placement and size of the dots reinforce the dynamic shape of the cross, pulsing outward while also drawing attention back to the centre. 


The logo of Mercy Ministry Companions includes an open circle. A circle is often used to represent companionship, community and sharing. It is also a symbol of the Body of Christ. For Mercy Ministry Companions it represents the shared purpose of the ministries and their contribution to and participation in ‘the one mercy mission’.  

The circle honours each ministry in its distinctiveness and all in their diversity and the contribution they make to the coming of God’s reign of mercy and to the building up of the Body of Christ. The circle deliberately remains open, just as the cross is open, suggesting that the story of Mercy Ministry Companions is continually unfolding. It allows for the creation of new ministries that have the potential to bring life and healing to a broken world. As it tapers gently, the outer line can be understood as an encircling embrace of our blue green planet, a reminder that Mercy must listen and respond to ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’. 

Trademark Notice

Both the logo and the name “Mercy Ministry Companions” are registered trademarks of Mercy Ministry Companions Ltd.   Physical or digital reproduction of the logo without the written permission of Mercy Ministry Companions Ltd is prohibited.