Mercy Leadership Program and Dublin Pilgrimage

The 2023 Mercy Leadership Program and Dublin Pilgrimage, sponsored by Mercy Ministry Companions has commenced. Module One was held over two days from 30-31 March, at the Catholic Leadership Centre.

The group’s 27 participants include Board Directors and Executives from MMC Ministries, participants from the Institute of Sisters of Mercy Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG), Mercy Works (a ministry of the four congregations of Sisters of Mercy in Australia), Damascus College Ballarat and the Parramatta congregation.

The program includes an inspirational visit to Dublin to hear the stories of Catherine McAuley and the early mission of Mercy, and to provide opportunities for participants to better understand their leadership.

Module One provides participants with an introduction to the context of leadership and to encourage the group to get to know each other. The group investigated topics such as Exploring My Mercy Story; Mercy: An Exploration; Introduction to 19th Century Ireland: Catherine’s Time; What inspired Catherine?; Exploring Pilgrimage; Reflection and Closing Ritual.

Special thanks to presenters Karon Donnellon RSM, Margaret Bounader (MMC Chair), Liz Dowling RSM, Carmel Ross (MMC Deputy Chair) and Berenice Kerr RSM, and to Sharon Quick, Karon and Liz for all their work in helping to ensure this module ran smoothly.

We wish the group safe travel as they depart for their pilgrimage to Dublin at the end of April.

(L-R) Karon Donnellon RSM and Margaret Bounader (MMC Chair) presenting to program participants.
(L-R) Trent Dean, Berenice Kerr RSM and Karon Donnellon RSM.
Karon Donnellon RSM speaking to the group at dinner.
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