Margery Jackman

Margery has been associated with the Sisters of Mercy for over 40 years, as a teacher and principal in Mercy schools in Queensland and New South Wales, a presenter, a Mercy Associate, the Safeguarding Officer for the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea and, at present, as the Safeguarding Co-ordinator for Sisters of Mercy Parramatta.

Margery previously served as a Steward of Mercy Partners and has served on a number of boards of Catholic entities, including of Mercy Works Ltd. She is currently a member of the Diocese of Parramatta Professional Standards Reference Group. 

Margery has a strong commitment to advancing the role of women in the Church and has been an advocate of both theological and structural change. She is a parishioner at St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta where she serves as a reader, Eucharistic minister and chair of the Parish Finance Committee.  

From these experiences and as a presenter at a number of Mercy conferences, congregation formation gatherings and staff in-services, Margery brings a deep knowledge and understanding of the charism of Mercy to her role as a Trustee Director.